Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping is the very 1st step to help you understand your business's financial health. Every business owner needs to know exactly how much money is coming in & how much is going out. A proper & timely bookkeeping does exactly that. We can help you stay informed about your income & expenses patterns and how you can use the data to your advantage.

With our Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, we take the hassle out of running your business. Stop facing the complexity of the numbers... We'll do it for you!

See How Koffex Works  

1. We Understand Your Business

We will appoint an expert accountant for an introductory meeting with you to understand your business. That expert will review your current financial ledgers, reports, and financial data. Based on current date & future needs of your business, we can establish scope of the project. We will establish a strategy to streamline the entire process which includes obtaining required documents from you & setting up online access for you to review all your financial data whenever you need it.

2. We Setup Your QuickBooks file

We will create a QuickBooks file of your company by adopting current accounting standards. We will setup proper chart of accounts based on your business type & needs. If we are transferring your existing QuickBooks file, we will clean up your file before we convert it into our system.

3. We Handle Your Bookkeeping

We will connect QuickBooks file to your financial institution as well as business credit cards to extract the data. Your financial transactions are automatically downloaded into our system on daily basis.

4. We Reconcile Your Books Every Month

By 10th of each month, we will reconcile your monthly bookkeeping and making sure every dollar is accounted for.

5. We Provide Monthly Financial Statements

Every month, we prepare tax ready financial statements for your business. These reports help you understand your business better by reviewing monthly income & expenses. Profit & Loss statement will tell you exactly how much revenue is coming in and where the money is being spent. This knowledge is powerful. Based on the factual data, you could make informed decisions & transform your business from ordinary to extra-ordinary.