IT Services

Information Technology is the backbone of all business. We are proud to offer the following IT services backed by seasoned professionals with decades of expertise. 

  • Software Development: We have a team of IT industry veterans with the know-how and experience to create your next application for you. We create Web-based Applications, Desktop Applications, Management Systems, and Mobile Applications.
  • Managed IT Services: Koffex offers services like 24/7 Customer Support for your clients, Server Management and Backup Solutions, and IT Planning.
  • IT Support: Software, Hardware, Infrastructure, and Networks; we cover it all. Laying down the design of your infrastructure can be complex, but our teams can give you the perfect network set-up and support and make sure you’re not staying behind in IT.
  • IT Security: Security is important, regardless of any industry you’re working in. It’s important to safekeep your data, information, and other confidential information. Koffex offers services for your Email Security, 24/7 Security Services, Cyber Security Management, and IT Compliance guidance.